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Unearth unique opportunities in the commodity market

Move towards your financial target with commodities. Analyze and act: choose among 20+ popular hard and soft commodities available at InvestBy. Then, make InvestBy your ally in searching for exceptional opportunities in the commodity market. Grab your chance to add up oil, sugar, coffee, gold, or any other global asset to your investment portfolio via CFD trading. Discover new financial products with an innovative platform for different devices.

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Power up your portfolio with precious metals

Gold as an investment, along with silver, copper, and platinum, make a popular choice to diversify a portfolio. The market liquidity and high value raise attraction for precious metals CFD trading.

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Drill your way to trading power sources

Tradable power sources or "energy" group is formed by crude oil, natural gas, or electricity. Experience the significance of trading the world's energy sources in an InvestBy trading platform's innovative environment.

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Put your hands on soft commodities

Keep on exploring the diversity of commodity market trading soft commodities CFDs. Wheat, coffee, sugar, cocoa, corn, and even orange juice are among the oldest traded assets. Get your hands on soft commodities' volatile nature and try to tame it for your benefit with InvestBy.

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Commodities available on InvestBy

Short Name Description Trading Hours GMT+3 Spread Leverage
Up To
COCOA Cocoa (ICE-US) 11:45-20:30 Floating 1:50 Buy Sell
COFFE Coffee (ICE-US) 11:15-20:30 Floating 1:50 Buy Sell
COPP Copper (CME) 01:00-24:00 Floating 1:50 Buy Sell
CORN Corn (CME) 03:00-15:45 & 16:30-21:15 Floating 1:50 Buy Sell
COTT2 Cotton #2 (ICE-US) 04:00-21:20 Floating 1:50 Buy Sell
PALLAD Palladium (CME) 01:00-24:00 Floating 1:50 Buy Sell
PLAT Platinum (CME) 01:00-24:00 Floating 1:50 Buy Sell
RICE RICE (CME) 16:30-21:20 Floating 1:50 Buy Sell
SBEAN Soybeans (CME) 03:00-15:45 & 16:30-21:15 Floating 1:50 Buy Sell
SUG11 Sugar #11 (ICE-US) 10:30-20:00 Floating 1:50 Buy Sell
WHEAT Wheat (CME) 03:00-15:45 & 16:30-21:15 Floating 1:50 Buy Sell
BRNT Brent Crude Oil (ICE-EUR) 03:00-01:00 Floating 1:50 Buy Sell
CL Light Sweet Crude Oil (CME) 01:00-24:00 Floating 1:50 Buy Sell
NGAS Natural Gas (CME) 01:00-24:00 Floating 1:50 Buy Sell
RBOB R.B.O.B Gasoline (CME) 01:00-24:00 Floating 1:50 Buy Sell
XAGUSD Silver vs. US Dollar (CME) 01:00-24:00 Floating 1:50 Buy Sell
XAUUSD Gold vs. US Dollar (CME) 01:00-24:00 Floating 1:50 Buy Sell

Make InvestBy your ally in the new-century trading

Advanced trading tools, modern tech solutions, instant market notifications, exclusive education materials, and more InvestBy features aim to give you access to the unique trading environment. InvestBy trading platform allows you to go the extra mile in financial perspectives and make a financial leap ahead in commodity CFD trading regardless of your investment expertise.

Think globally

Trade 350+ asset CFDs on indices, Forex, cryptocurrency, commodities, shares, and metals. Keep moving towards your financial aspirations.

Master your financial literacy

Better safe than sorry. InvestBy provides a strong foundation of trading knowledge through the education hub. Cover the basics and level up your financial literacy using superb tutorials, VODs, eBooks, articles, and many more.

Choose a terminal

Never miss a trading opportunity due to software incompatibility. InvestBy got you covered across platforms. Keep on exploring the commodity market from your browser via WebTrader or your Android or iOS device via InvestBy mobile apps.

Assess and act

Set up personalized notifications on price fluctuations or market trends updates. Assess and act according to your financial vision.

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